QD – QD adapter cable: connecting two headsets for alternative use 

An ultra-easy-to-use cord that allows you to connect two QD headsets to the same landline phone.


Key features

QD / QD adapter for connecting two headsets

Ultra simple to use and plug & play

Optimized grip: compact accessory

Compatible with Platronics and Jabra GN headsets – via Quick Disconnect



An ultra-simple and effective cord!

The Cleyver adapter cable allows you to connect a Jabra headset to a Plantronics QD cable or a Plantronics headset to a Jabra QD cable.

Both headsets will be connected to the same landline phone, so you won’t need to change your setup for alternate uses.

This cable offers a quick start-up of your devices thanks to its ultra-fast installation. Simply plug the headset’s QD port into the adapter.


Technical info

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Do you want to use two QD headsets on the same landline phone? Look no further, the Cleyver ODADQDPLGN will meet your expectations with ease. It takes only 3 seconds to connect your headsets.

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