Cleyver Nomad 65 UC Base

An ultra-easy-to-use base.

By connecting it to the Cleyver Nomad 60 UC or Nomad 65 UC, you can use it as a charging base.

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Key features

Cleyver charging base and docking station

Compatible with headset: Cleyver Nomad 60 UC and Cleyver Nomad 65 UC

USB-A connection via charging cable included

 Exclusive accessory to the Cleyver brand



A simple base with a clean design!

With the Cleyver Nomad 65 UC, you can charge your headphones without a headset. Simply place it on the charging contacts.

The base is charged via a USB-A cable connected to a plug. You can therefore leave it on your desk continuously.

Technical info

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A charging base, for professionals looking for a docking station to place their Cleyver Nomad 60 or Nomad 65 UC headset on a desk.

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